In Guntmadingen, Switzerland, Sievert AG was involved in the construction of a detached house with the tubag brand. The client placed great value on an extremely natural surface. To fulfil this wish, tubag TKFP - Trass-Kalk-Feinputz was used. A special feature of this project is the special look of the fine plaster. The tubag TKFP gives the single-stone masonry a unique aesthetic and ensures harmonious integration into the surroundings. The construction work was carried out by Giovanni Russo AG from Andelfingen.

The project in detail

Project information

ObjectDetached house
Project period2021-2022
ProductTKFP – Trass-Kalk-Feinputz
Building contractorGiovanni Russo AG
ClientPrivat person
LocationGuntmadingen Kanton Schaffhausen, Switzerland
AreaInterior and living areas
Building typeDetached house
Special featureThe special look of the fine plaster.

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