Research and development

Sievert develops and launches innovations and new products every year. But how do new products come about? We listen to our customers and, in doing so, ask ourselves questions such as: “What requirements do they place on products?” or “What can we do to improve the work or make it easier?” Based on these questions, our development engineers, product managers and sales staff develop new building materials and new system-based solutions.

Sustainability is a topic that is attracting more and more attention, a topic that our R&D Department deals with intensively. Take the example of the development of new formulas for premixed dry mortar and waterproofing products for buildings. Our R&D teams check carefully whether it is possible to use binders with a reduced carbon content or secondary raw materials, i.e. materials produced by upgrading waste materials – and all without having to make compromises in terms of product performance.

This brief insight into our everyday work shows just how intensively Sievert moves with the times. We never rest on our laurels. The company and its products continue to evolve so that we will be able to offer our customers the best possible conditions in the future as well.