Geotechnical engineering

Repairs, stabilisation, dry packing and concreting – special building materials with different properties are needed for each of these applications. You can rely on the range of high-quality quick-mix products for works on land and underwater.


The quick-mix brand from Sievert has been used in the German mining industry for many years. Sievert provides successful solutions for projects at home and abroad. For the coal-mining industry in particular, mineral products increase operational safety and result in much lower costs for driving tunnels.

Engineering works

You can also count on Sievert for a huge variety of engineering and underground works. For complex projects in particular, the quick-mix range is ideal for sustainable solutions. Our premixed dry mortars ensure tailor-made solutions for diverse applications.

Product solutions

  • Anchor grouts
  • Grouts for injection and pressure-grouting
  • Insulating materials
  • Grouts for backfilling wells
  • Micropile injection grouts
  • TBM annular gap mortars
  • Concretes and mortars for dry-mix sprayed concrete
  • Consolidation mortars
  • Sprayed mortars for refurbishment work
  • Wear-resistant mortars
  • Grouts
  • Mortars for sewers and service shafts


  • RAG Deutsche Steinkohle, Germany, various products
  • Eurotunnel, England–France, AM 1000-1 anchor grout
  • Konrad mine, Germany, AM 1000-1 anchor grout
  • Wismut mine shaft 371, Germany, Z01.8 sprayed concrete, CM 45W consolidation mortar
  • Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, Hamburg, Germany, MM 4 sprayed refurbishment mortar
  • Continental tyre works, China, QV 1000 non-shrink grout
  • Klingenberg dam, Germany, VP IV injection grout 
  • Lyon–Turin base tunnel, France, AVG QM anchor grout
  • Bridge refurbishment, Dachau, Germany, MB 8 sprayed refurbishment concrete
  • Sewage treatment works, Rosental, Germany, SBM mortar for sewers and service shafts
  • Wendefurth dam, Germany, Z01.8 sprayed concrete
  • Excavation shoring, Berlin, Germany, B8s sprayed concrete
  • Refurbishment of Augustowski Canal, Poland, B8s sprayed concrete
  • Lu Ling mine, China, VP III injection grout

Do you have any questions regarding product systems and applications


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