Sustainable building – made by Sievert

The building industry is turning its attention more and more to the topic of sustainability. And Sievert is no exception here. Let’s be honest: The sustainable development and production of building materials is not easy. However, Sievert is already making excellent progress by introducing numerous innovations and rethinking the whole production chain.

But what is sustainable building all about? Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior provides the following definition:

“Sustainable action means paying equal attention to ecological, economic and social aspects so that we can pass on an intact environment and the same opportunities in life to future generations. (…) Various tools and skills are required to implement sustainability goals during the design, construction, refurbishment and operation of buildings, and their implementation is especially important at the design stage.”

And this is exactly where Sievert begins its direct contribution. Together with you, our planning and project management team sounds out the important aspects of your project and the challenges you face right from the very first meetings. We pursue the principle of “cradle-to-cradle” and promote the entire life cycle of the Sievert products used in the sense of a continuous and consistent circular economy. Working with you, our experts investigate where Sievert can help you achieve the sustainability goals of your project. They help with all aspects of construction and applications, advise on which of our products and services are the best sustainable building options in your situation.

The main aspects of sustainable building:


  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Compact logistics
  • The use of sustainable components in the production of building materials
  • The use of natural raw materials
  • Recycling and reuse

This is why Sievert is investigating sustainable options and solutions in various areas. Our R&D Department is researching modern recycled building materials that can be used as alternatives. For one thing is clear: We shall still need raw materials for manufacturing our building materials in the future. In order to conserve resources, we are striving to use raw materials that can be reused or fed back into the cycle.

And Sievert is making good progress with many exciting projects. Here are a couple of examples: We use lightweight aggregates made entirely from recycled glass bottles and employ fly ash, a solid residue of combustion processes, as a recycled building material. In addition, we are currently also investigating the use of natural raw materials. One of the unique approaches of Sievert is worth mentioning here: Trass is a raw material that can be found in many of our tubag products. Trass comes from the volcanoes in the Eifel region of Germany, so it is totally environmentally friendly and at the same time meets building technology requirements. It is quarried exclusively for tubag in the eastern part of the Eifel region.


Sievert sets new standards


Furthermore, the new Rosenau II works built last year enables Sievert to set new standards in the sustainable production of building materials. The plant operates especially efficiently while conserving resources. One of the aims is to avoid waste completely. Heat recovery is another important aspect.

Every one of our brands includes numerous options in their product ranges which are ideal for sustainable building projects. For example, the tubag trass mentioned above is in many ways a pioneer when it comes to sustainability. The TRI-O-THERM M render and SECON pointing mortar products from akurit also ensure a balanced carbon footprint in construction projects. In addition, the use of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) saves heating energy. And the waterproofing products from hahne and quick-mix ensure that your construction project is even more sustainable. See for yourself – simply get in touch with our planning and project management team.

Do you have any questions regarding product systems and applications?


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