Healthy living is something that concerns us all

In our daily work, our aim is always to provide you with optimum building and living conditions. To do this, we research and develop high-quality building materials that provide you with one thing in particular: security. The security that you, by choosing the products of the Sievert brands, have made the right choice when it comes to healthy living conditions.

The labels and certificates awarded to more than 150 of our products are proof that we are pursuing the right goals in this respect. For many projects, these building materials have been specifically chosen because of their properties. For example, akurit-Filzputz, a float-finish plaster, was used as the finish coat for a house in Wallenhausen built using 3D printing techniques. This plaster is certified according to the EMICODE® EC1Plus specification (very low emissions) and is “suitable for persons suffering from allergies” according to the TÜV Nord technical services body. Our current certificates and labels are listed below.

The following bodies have awarded our products certificates and labels:


  • TÜV Nord
  • TÜV Süd
  • The Blue Angel
  • EMICODE® label EC1PLUS
  • Rosenheim Institute for Biologically Sound Construction (IBR)

Do you have any questions regarding product systems and applications?


Our specialist skills and knowledge guarantee the support you need to complete your construction projects. Our technical advisers will be pleased to answer your questions: 

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