Roads and civil engineering

Road building

The tubag products from Sievert’s road-building range ensure well-developed, permanent, system-based solutions for heavily loaded, heavily trafficked external areas. Bedding and paving joint mortars from tubag with original tubag trass are the favourites and can be chosen to suit the envisaged loads and the appearance of the paving.

Product solutions for road building

  • Bedding mortar
  • Paving joint grout
  • Movement joints
  • Special mortars
  • Accessories

Civil engineering

Sewers and service shafts are frequently exposed to aggressive conditions. tubag, the premium brand from Sievert, has proved itself in all wastewater networks. The use of tubag trass and special, resistant formulas ensures strong and durable masonry walls and joints. You can depend on premixed dry mortar with consistent ingredients, robust binder technologies and ideal working properties.

Product solutions for civil engineering

  • Original tubag trass
  • Special mortars
  • Mortars for service shafts and masonry
  • Grouts for service shafts
  • Concrete and repair fillers
  • Waterproof repair cement

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