Press Release – 7. January 2022

Rosenau II: start of production at Europe’s most modern premixed dry mortar works

Osnabrück/Mamming – Sievert SE, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of premium building materials, with headquarters in Osnabrück in northern Germany, has started production at the most modern, most energy-efficient premixed dry mortar works in Europe. “Rosenau II” has an annual capacity of more than 100,000 tonnes. The durable dry building materials of the quick-mix, akurit, tubag and strasser brands, all part of the umbrella brand Sievert, will be manufactured here. Therefore, Sievert is setting new standards throughout Europe for the production of premixed dry mortars.

Energy-efficient and sustainable operation are particular features of the Rosenau II works. Besides a high degree of automation, Sievert has given sustainability high priority, especially when it comes to the use of energy. The carbon-neutral heating system for drying the sand and the use of waste heat in the mixing plant are both based on concepts suited to future needs. For example, about one-third of the power needed is supplied by the plant’s own photovoltaic installation.

“Innovation and sustainability are intrinsic to the Sievert DNA. What that means for us is not only continuous optimisation of the building materials themselves, but also their production. Because sustainable building starts with the production of the materials. Rosenau II allows us to set a new standard for the innovative production of sustainable dry building materials,” says Jens Günther, CEO at Sievert SE.

Following 11 months of construction, Sievert was able to start production at the works in Mamming-Rosenau in southern Germany right on schedule on 3 January 2022. The new, 45 m high building has a floor area of almost 14,000 m² for production, storage and dispatch operations – the result of an investment exceeding €10 million by Sievert SE and Karl Mossandl GmbH & Co., its long-standing cooperation partner.

Sievert is the umbrella brand for sustainable dry building materials

Sievert SE produces all the plasters, renders, mortars and adhesives for its quick-mix, akurit, tubag and strasser brands at the new Rosenau II works. Those products include, for example, akurit gypsum plasters and renders such as MEP cement-lime render, a favourite in the trade, or the KIP line of lime plasters suitable for those who suffer from allergies. The complete range of quick-mix masonry mortars is also manufactured in Rosenau, including the S-FM pointing mortar with its Secon binder technology, for example. Trass mortar from tubag, the top brand for horticultural, landscaping and road building projects, plus the strasser products for professional users who require good products for tiles, pavings and stone floors are all produced in Rosenau.

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