Horticultural, landscaping and road-building systems

tubag is inseparably connected with trass. Whether in horticulture, landscaping or road building, tubag is a byword for quality. Owing to the specific properties of trass as a building material, tubag products protect against discolouration and efflorescence, and their excellent durability ensures satisfied customers.

Restoration and refurbishment of historic buildings

The crucial question when restoring and refurbishing historic buildings is: Which materials were used to build the structure in the first place? To ensure you get perfect results, our experts research the individual constituents of the original building materials. Using the knowledge gained, we determine which materials are the best answer for refurbishing the historic fabric. We are convinced that with the knowledge we have gained in the field of historic building materials, our tubag brand enjoys a unique position in the marketplace. 

100 years of tubag 

Tradition meets the modern age.

Since 100 years tubag is your competent partner for the preservation of historical buildings as well as for the redesign of high-quality living spaces. Find out more about the people, events and projects that have shaped tubag!

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With tubag you always get the best results – whether road building, restoration, horticulture or landscaping.

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