Efficiency, dependability and time-savings

That is akurit’s pledge to plasterers, renderers and painters. Architects appreciate the countless variations when it comes to surface finishes and colour schemes plus the latest technologies that akurit employs. Trade partners benefit from the well-structured product range and unambiguous advice. When it comes to plaster, render and ETICS, there’s no getting away from akurit’s high-quality systems. Classic products such as MEP, KIP and UNI-SD are well established, and innovations such as the it. technology and multi-award-winning TRI-O-THERM M set new standards. akurit is also competent when it comes to mineral products, e.g. coating systems for timber structures. Insulating materials, impact anchors, finish coats, paint systems – the components of the external thermal insulation composite systems are perfectly coordinated with each other. Whether new-build or refurbishment projects or energy-efficiency upgrades, akurit meets the requirements.

Systems from akurit ease the work and improve living conditions – in new-build and refurbishment projects, indoors and outdoors, masonry and timber.

For new construction and renovation, exterior and interior, masonry and timber construction - systems from akurit make work easier and living more beautiful.

Do you have questions about product systems and applications?


With our technical expertise, we will be happy to support you in the planning and execution of your building project. Our technical advisors are available to answer your questions: 

Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Friday until 4 p.m., under the telephone number (+49) 541 601 601.

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