Putting a shine on old walls

Sievert has stood for quality and excellent results for more than a century. One particular reason for this is that we are involved in all measures on and in buildings right along the entire value-creation chain. From planning to implementation, maintenance and restoration or refurbishment. The trust that many contractors and designers place in Sievert demonstrates our wealth of experience.

Our planning and project managers provide you with help and advice during your restoration and refurbishment projects. Working together with you, they analyse the challenges you face and which products represent the best choices in your case. Our portfolio with a total of five product brands offers numerous options for the optimum realisation of your restoration or refurbishment project – right across very different areas.

Areas in which we can provide support for your restoration and refurbishment projects:

  • Analyses of materials
  • Instruction in the use of products on site
  • Building physics calculations
  • Support for applications
  • Planning and project management
  • Technical advice

Individual services


Without buildings steeped in history, culture is incomplete. Therefore, we make an important contribution to the upkeep of the historical built environment through the restoration and refurbishment of palaces, castles, churches and other centuries-old structures. We support you right from the start of your restoration project. Together with our R&D Department, we analyse, test, research and formulate suitable, goal-driven building materials solutions for all applications.

You have a baroque building that is in need of refurbishment? Then the staff at tubag are the right partners for you. They are familiar with the building materials that were used in earlier times – and can identify those in your building. In our laboratory, we carry out detailed analyses of samples of materials from your building. Based on the results, we then prepare a mortar that has properties identical with those of the original building material. This process is based on the wealth of experience in our R&D team and is a unique feature of the tubag brand. We are particularly proud of our skills when it comes to tailor-made mortars.


Innovative solutions


Besides preserving history and culture, our products are also ideal for modern buildings. Also for those buildings that are on the whole still in a good condition but whose floors are gradually becoming unusable. For this situation, IB Stahl from our quick-mix brand offers an innovative refurbishment option. IB Stahl can be used to upgrade any substrates simply and permanently, and in many cases represents a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to complete rebuilding.

From the field - references on the subject of restoration and refurbishment


St. Nikolai memorial church, Hamburg

Extensive refurbishment work was needed to secure one of the world’s tallest spires.


Zollverein Colliery 

With the use of quick-mix's pioneering building material technology, one of the chimneys of the impressive Zollverein Colliery was preserved.


Observatory, Potsdam

A coating of hahne DAKORIT® Ruflex 20D was applied to the observatory domes protected by a conservation order.