Unity Centre 

At 102 metres, the Unity Centre in Krakow is the largest multifunctional business centre in Krakow, Poland. The revitalisation of the project was completed in 2020 after four years of construction.

DThe history of Krakow's famous "Szkieletor" dates back to 1975. Only a short time later, a large part of Krakow's population no longer believed that the project would be completed, as construction was halted after only four years for economic reasons... Due to its height in combination with the slender body and the finished ceilings, the building quickly became known among Krakow residents as "the skeleton". It was not until 2016 that the revitalisation project for the high-rise was approved.

For the insulation of a total of 14 thousand square metres of façade of the Unity Centre building complex, the quick-mix thermal insulation system Lobatherm W with SHK silicone plaster was used, which is characterised by very high dirt and weather resistance as well as high UV resistance. The ceilings in the garages inside the buildings, which cover around 10,000 square metres, were insulated with the quick-mix Lobatherm G BS system. In addition, some of the building's interior walls were painted with the quick-mix brand's Basic Kolor matt interior paint.

The general contractor for the revitalisation project was Strabag. Investors are GD&K Group together with Verity Development. The building was designed by architects from the Krakow office DDJM Biuro Architektoniczne. The steel and stone buildings of the Unity Centre refer to the pre-war traditions of Krakow architecture. The designers of the DDJM office were inspired by the historical achievements of eclectic buildings and the Art Deco style. The project impresses with geometric symmetry, spatial discipline and the pursuit of perfection, and balances fluidly between tradition and architectural avant-garde.

The project in detail

Project information

ObjectUnity Centre
Project period2016-2020
ProductsWDVS Lobatherm W, Silicone render SHK, WDVS Lobatherm G BS, Basic KOLOR Interior paint matt
Building contractorStrabag
ClientGD&K Group
LocationKrakau, Poland
AreaExterior and interior plasters, facades
Building typeOffice building
Special featureIt is the largest multifunctional business centre in Krakow.

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