Clear lines for the new “Müllerhalle” in Berlin

The anthracite brick slip façade to the new “Müllerhalle”, a former indoor market in the Wedding district of Berlin, ensures that the building stands out from its surroundings. Pointing mortar from quick-mix was matched to the dark brick slips. The LOBATHERM brick slip system ensures a sturdy backing for the facing.

For decades, the old market hall on Müllerstraße was a meeting place and central shopping precinct in Wedding. However, most of the more than 50 small booths in the hall had become vacant in recent years. Furthermore, the building itself was in urgent need of refurbishment, but the owner saw no future for the ageing building. New ownership in the shape of Kaufland Warenhandel GmbH & Co. KG resulted in new ideas for the future. The decision was taken to abandon refurbishment plans and instead to build a totally new store plus a large parking deck on the plot. Besides the owner’s supermarket, other small businesses are also housed in the new building. However, the old name “Müllerhalle” has been retained, so this district’s hub has regained its former significance.

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