Value creation

The building life cycle begins with construction and ends with demolition or conversion. During construction, there is extreme energy consumption (so-called grey energy) and also at the end of the building life cycle, the climate balance deteriorates due to increasing defects in the building envelope or maintenance backlogs, until it finally comes to demolition. Avoiding demolition also means conserving landfill capacity and resources for new construction. A large number of our products help to sustainably extend the life cycle of buildings:

  • SECON® binder technology
  • IB Steel
  • Trass products
  • Restoration plasters
  • Building protection/waterproofing


In addition, with tubag we ensure that cultural assets and historic buildings are preserved. In summary, we are concerned with the following topics when it comes to value creation:

  • Sustainable products
  • Alternative raw materials
  • Raw material recycling
  • Customer & supplier relations