Office building DORN

The municipality of the city of Brno in the Czech Republic promoted numerous construction activities in 2014 that contributed to the modernisation of the city centre and its surroundings. One of these modernisations involved the DORN office building on the corner of Plotní and Dornych streets. Sievert's quick-mix product brand was significantly involved in this project. The project covers almost 8500m² of space, which is used as office, commercial, training and meeting rooms as well as studios.

RomanM82, Brno-Trnitá - dům Dorn

The office building, whose name DORN refers to a historical place name, is located near the historical city centre of Brno. The name . It is a striking modern building with a dominant slender nine-storey tower rising from its three-storey base with an administrative section. On Dornych Street, the building is raised to five storeys. The façade of the entire building is made of facing bricks. Among other things, 276 tons of masonry mortar with quick-mix trass cement were used in the project.

The project in detail

Project information

ObjectOffice building DORN
Project period2014-2016
ProductsVM01, DBK-FAS, SKS-KL mit Vertex R 267 und Vertex R 131, MPS, HFS
Building contractorAtelier RAW s. r. o., Brno, Czech Republic
ClientTrading companyCAMASTRO, a. s., Tisnov, Tschechien
LocationBrno, Czech Republic
AreaExterior and facades
Building typeOffice building

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