Workshop on Qinglongtan Road, Hefei

The construction of the workshop on Qinglongtan Road was one of the most important projects for the entire economic development zone of Hefei.

With a total investment of 77 million euros, the project covers an area of 98,653 square metres. The total construction area is 175,000 square metres and is made up of 144,000 square metres of ground floor space and 31,000 square metres of underground parking.

The project involved the versatile use of various quick-mix product systems. The cement self-levelling system was used on an area of 23,000 square metres. The heavy-duty epoxy flooring system was used on around 13,000 square metres. In addition, the rock wool exterior insulation system was used for 40,000 square metres, the inorganic dry mortar system for 37,000 square metres and the interior and interior wall waterproofing system for 25,000 square metres.

The project in detail

Project information

ObjectWorkshop on Qinglongtan Road
Project start2020
ProductsAM 409, SF30, PUP 9003, PUC 9102, EPP 1011, WLG 040, GWS, CRS, Primer 05, LA 200, FDS 2K
Building ownerCentral Authority of the Hefei Economic Development Zone
LocationHefei, China
AreaIndustry and commercial facilities
Building typeWorkshop

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