Refurbishment mortar for Landeck Castle

Three different tubag pointing mortars were used during the refurbishment of the castle ruins at Landeck. That might appear rather lavish at first glance. However, masonry from different building phases plus really exposed areas called for this special approach.

The castle ruins at Landeck are a popular tourist attraction in the Palatinate Forest near Klingenmünster – all the more reason to monitor the ruins constantly and inspect them for damage. That work is carried out by the Landeckverein e.V. society. The federal state of Rhineland Palatinate is the owner of the castle. However, the society is registered as the occupier of the castle and organises guided tours, events and facilities at the site. Working together with Rhineland Palatinate’s heritage conservation authority (GDKE), the society monitors the castle and reports any damage. This was the case for the current damage. Initially, cracks were found in the three towers on the outer ward. The GDKE inspected the areas and discovered more serious problems. An extensive survey of the whole castle revealed that urgent action was necessary.

The GDKE initiated preliminary studies in order to be able to specify the type of mortar and its constituents plus the colour. The authority worked closely together with the Institute for Stone Conservation in Mainz and mortar manufacturer tubag, which has many years of experience with historical structures and was able to supply the right mortar for this project. In addition, tubag has the necessary technology and knowledge to be able to match the mortar exactly to the requirements of the respective masonry.

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