News – 7. October 2022

Exciting insights from EXPO REAL 2022 in Munich

"How sustainability can be translated into the operation and management of real estate?" - this question was explored by our colleague Olaf Wolf on a panel at EXPO REAL 2022, together with Jens Böhnlein (Commerz Real), Maximilian Riede (Swiss Life), Stefan Plesser (synavision) and Martin Leinemann (Arbireo Capital).

These are Olaf Wolf's top 4 findings:

  • Discussions about terminology and specifications should end - we need to think about how this can now be actively translated into practice.
  • We need to focus on sustainable building materials. A resource certificate is an option.
  • ESG needs to be operationalised. Many actors in the real estate sector want to become climate neutral. We can help with that. We need to join forces.
  • Now and in the future, due to the energy crisis, optimal building insulation is essential in new construction and in the renovation of existing buildings.

Sustainable building

The topic of sustainability is also increasingly in focus in the construction industry. Sievert is therefore looking at sustainable options and solutions in various areas.

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