Digital Campus Zollverein

Zeche Zollverein stands, like no other place in the Ruhr region, for community and awakening.

Then as now, diverse challenges are best solved in community and in networks. Based on this insight, the Digital Campus Zollverein has brought together a cross-sector ecosystem of now 60 members. In the spirit of the pioneers and founding fathers of Zollverein, digital sustainable innovations are now being pushed and brought to life together at the Reallabor Zollverein.

"As a medium-sized supplier to the construction industry, we want to further expand our pioneering role in our home market with innovation and digitalisation. To achieve this goal, we want to exchange experiences with strong and imaginative co-creators. We will find these at the Digital Campus Zollverein and an optimal platform for cross-industry networking to boot."

Jens Günther (Chairman, CEO)

The Digital Campus Zollverein e.V. is an impulse generator & network platform for companies & institutions as well as forward-looking initiatives in the Metropole Ruhr. As an innovation driver, we strengthen digital and innovative competitiveness and promote cooperation and active exchange between companies, institutions, universities & start-ups. The Digital Campus Zollverein sees itself as a sustainable digital real laboratory with supra-regional appeal.

Happy about the partnership (from left): Christian Kleinhans, Jens Günther, Dr Felix Westkämper and Julian Schulte